Historically, Mexico has always had a privileged place at the international level in terms of production of hydrocarbons, mainly oil. According to figures from the International Energy Agency, until the first half of 2017 Mexico is the 11th largest oil producer in the world. This production comes almost 100 percent of fields operated by PEMEX, particularly in shallow waters.

Prior to the energy reform, PEMEX’s main concern was to increase the volume of production, mainly to have revenues from the hydrocarbon exports. However, thanks to the entry of new agents into the Mexican O&G industry (regulators and companies), hydrocarbon production is now a matter of profitability and operational efficiency. PEMEX and the new operators in the Mexican market now have the task of having excellent field development plans for every asset they operate, which not only will allow them to improve the productive life of their fields, but also will help them to track their investments, plan their decisions in a better way and increase their production platforms and portfolios.