Mexico has been one of the most important oil countries in the world for more than 50 years. This has made it possible for the workforce of the industry to be highly competitive and specialized. However, given the reality that the country lived for almost 80 years, the development of this workforce depended specifically on PEMEX and the few companies that provided services to the NOC.

Now, the Mexican O&G industry lives in a different reality, in which both PEMEX and any company involved in the value chain need to have a greater and much more specialized workforce. The development of this personnel is undoubtedly a challenge both for the country and for the industry in general, since now Mexico will incorporate the labor force of almost any oil country and many of the national oil hubs will begin to live a multicultural ecosystem that they never had experienced before. It is time for the country to test whether the Mexican labor force lives up to the international experience and capacity.