As the Mexican hydrocarbons downstream industry opens to international competition, opportunities for partnerships and associations with the country’s NOC have opened up. With PEMEX narrowing its focus into potentially profitable but complex downstream activities, the company’s transformation is attracting private companies interested in either revamping PEMEX’s vast but aging infrastructure or in building new facilities such as refineries. New regulations are still needed for commercialization but relevant targets have been reached, such as the launching of PEMEX International LLC and PEMEX’s first open season for capacity, which is expected to address the growing needs of private companies in terms of logistics as the market evolves.

Featured here are in-depth analyses of the emerging challenges regarding industrial transformation and commercialization in a country leaving behind a decades old and cumbersome monopoly. The chapter shares the views of incoming downstream companies, authorities and the newly operational PEMEX units, PEMEX Transformación Industrial and PEMEX International.